Mole Check and Removal

Mole Check and Removal services offered in Oviedo, Orlando, Lake Mary and Casselberry, FL

Mole Check and Removal

Moles are a common and often harmless skin growth, but they’re also concerning because of their link to skin cancer. At Orlando Dermatology Center in Oviedo, Orlando, Casselberry, and Lake Mary, Florida, the team of dermatology experts offers mole check and removal appointments. They can map your moles, monitor them, and remove moles that look suspicious. Schedule your mole check and removal today by calling the office near you, or booking an appointment online.

Mole Check and Removal Q&A

What should I know about moles?

Moles, also called nevi, are pigmented skin growths made up of melanocytes, pigment-producing skin cells. Many people have moles and most are harmless. 

Types of moles include:

Congenital moles

Congenital moles are moles you’re born with. They’re rare and vary in size and color. Larger congenital moles are a concern because they may turn into melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer.

Acquired moles

Most moles are acquired moles. They appear during childhood through early adulthood. These moles are harmless but benefit from monitoring. 

Atypical moles

Atypical moles are a concern because they may indicate melanoma. Atypical moles have an irregular border, inconsistent color, and are larger than a pencil eraser.

Why should I have mole check and removal?

You should undergo mole check and removal at Orlando Dermatology Center because skin cancer is very common. The team at the dermatology practice wants you to stay healthy. 

The experienced dermatologists perform a mole mapping, creating a personalized chart that shows all your current moles and their details (size, color, shape). Mapping helps identify atypical moles or moles that change over time.

What can I expect during mole check and removal?

You can expect a patient-centered mole check and removal from the team of skin experts at Orlando Dermatology Center. First, they spend time talking to you to get a sense of your general health and risk for skin cancer.

You then change into an exam gown and your dermatologist examines every inch of your skin, checking and noting every mole on your mole map. If they find any suspicious-looking moles, they remove them.

If you need to have a mole removed, the board-certified dermatologists may surgically excise the mole or shave it off, depending on location and size. They use the technique that gets the best medical and aesthetic outcomes.

The team also removes moles that are bothersome. 

What happens after mole check and removal?

This depends on the details of your evaluation. If your dermatologist removes a mole, the team sends it out to the in-house histopathology lab for an evaluation and contacts you when they have the results.

If they didn’t remove any moles but have concerns about a growth, they may have you come back to the office for another mole check in a few months.

Call Orlando Dermatology Center or schedule your mole check and removal online today.