Laser Vein Removal

Laser Vein Removal services offered in Oviedo, Orlando, Lake Mary and Casselberry, FL

Laser Vein Removal

If you’re self-conscious about enlarged, bulging leg veins or broken facial capillaries, you may be a candidate for the laser vein removal services available at Orlando Dermatology Center. The board-certified dermatologists use advanced laser technologies to eliminate unsightly veins without surgery or downtime. The team takes a patient-centered approach to treating damaged veins, leaving your skin looking younger and healthier. Call the office in Orlando, Lake Mary, or Oviedo, Florida, or book an appointment online today. 

Laser Vein Removal Q&A

What is laser vein removal?

Laser vein removal is a noninvasive treatment for spider veins and varicose veins that are visible under the surface of your skin.

Orlando Dermatology Center offers cutting-edge laser technologies in the office to destroy damaged veins without the need for incisions or downtime.

The board-certified dermatologists have extensive experience using advanced lasers to target only the veins you want to treat. They customize a treatment plan to your specific goals and overall health.

When should I consider laser vein removal?

The laser vein removal services available at Orlando Dermatology Center may be right for you if you want to eliminate spider or varicose veins without surgery.

Spider veins are the tiny red or blue blood vessels that are visible through your skin. Varicose veins are larger, twisted veins that bulge out of your legs. Both conditions result from valve dysfunction in the vein.

When the valves aren’t working properly, they allow blood to flow backward. Blood can pool in the vessel and cause noticeable vein enlargement.

Spider veins generally don’t cause symptoms, but you may wish to treat them to improve your skin’s appearance. The dermatology team can also address varicose veins that cause leg heaviness or pain.

What can I expect during laser vein removal?

During a laser vein-removal procedure at Orlando Dermatology Center, the medical team helps you get comfortable on an exam table. They can apply an anesthetic cream to numb the treatment area, so you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Your provider uses advanced laser technology to target the troublesome veins. They control the wavelengths of laser energy that go into the vessel at all times without harming your skin. The energy destroys the vein’s structure and causes it to collapse.  

Blood reroutes to healthier veins nearby and your body eventually absorbs the collapsed vein naturally without the need for additional treatment.

The dermatology team offers posttreatment follow-up care to monitor the results of your treatment. They can also recommend strategies you can use to lower your risk for additional spider and varicose veins.

Call the Orlando Dermatology Center office near you to schedule a laser vein removal consultation or book an appointment online today.