Keloid Scars Removal

Keloid Scars Removal services offered in Oviedo, Orlando, Lake Mary and Casselberry, FL

Keloid Scars Removal

Keloid scars can be a challenging skin condition to treat. At Orlando Dermatology Center, the board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons specialize in advanced, cutting-edge treatments for keloid scar removal. The team’s expertise has a far-reaching reputation for treatment success, making the practice a top choice for patients from around the world. They offer Cryodestruction™, surgery, and superficial radiation therapy (SRT) to eliminate visible scars and prevent them from returning. Call the office in Orlando, Oviedo, Casselberry, or Lake Mary, Florida, to schedule a consultation for keloid scar removal, or book an appointment online today. 

Keloid Scars Removal Q&A

What are keloid scars?

A keloid scar is a raised scar that develops after a skin injury. This type of scar grows larger than the original wound, possibly due to dysfunction in your natural wound-healing processes.

Typically, a skin injury triggers your body to send more blood and collagen to the area to support healing. When you produce too much collagen, a keloid scar can form. The scar isn’t harmful to your health but may negatively affect how you feel about your skin’s appearance.

Keloid scars may run in your family. The condition is more common in people with black or brown skin, especially those between 20-30 years old.

Orlando Dermatology Center specializes in keloid scar removal. The dermatology team has the experience necessary to guarantee the efficient removal of scars and ensure the greatest possible cosmetic outcome.

How are keloid scars treated?

Orlando Dermatology Center has an international reputation for its keloid scar-removal services. The dermatology team uses a variety of techniques, including:


Cryodestruction is an innovative technique that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze a keloid scar from the inside out.


Keloid scars that don’t respond to cryotherapy may require surgical removal. The in-house plastic surgeon uses cutting-edge technology to remove scars with a high degree of accuracy.

Superficial radiation therapy (SRT)

SRT is a therapy the team can use following keloid scar removal surgery to prevent new scars from forming.

The team uses the SRT-100™ machine to deliver a precise, calibrated dose of radiation therapy into the superficial layers of your skin. The radiation destroys the cells responsible for keloid scars.

What are the benefits of keloid scar removal services?

Orlando Dermatology Center treats people from all over the world who are looking for lasting results from keloid scar removal. The medical team provides cutting-edge treatment options that cater to each individual’s needs and reduces risk factors for scar recurrence.

The superior level of care and advanced treatment options protect the overall health of your skin. The team’s expertise also ensures that removing even the most challenging scars is possible.

The board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons provide the highest level of care. They have extensive training in the latest technology and surgical techniques to eliminate scar tissue and prevent keloid scars from returning.

Call the Orlando Dermatology Center office near you to schedule a keloid scar consultation or book an appointment online today.