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A lipoma is a relatively harmless growth, but it can affect your appearance. At Orlando Dermatology Center in Oviedo, Orlando, Casselberry, and Lake Mary, Florida, the team of dermatology specialists takes a patient-centered approach to care, creating individualized plans to meet patient needs and concerns. They diagnose lipomas and remove them when appropriate. Call the office near you today or schedule an appointment online. 

Lipoma Q&A

I have a squishy lump on my arm. Could it be a lipoma?

If you have a soft, squishy lump under the skin, then you may have a lipoma. Lipomas are made up of fatty tissue and may form anywhere on the body, but most often appear on the:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Neck

Lipomas are round or oval-shaped and move easily under the skin. In most cases, the growths are no larger than 2 inches in diameter.

Lipomas are noncancerous and harmless in most cases.

How did I get a lipoma?

Researchers are still investigating what causes someone to develop a lipoma. However, they theorize there’s a genetic link since they tend to run in families. 

There are some conditions linked to the development of several lipomas, like multiple symmetric lipomatosis (a condition that causes lipomas to grow around the neck and shoulders). 

Some of these conditions may also cause painful fatty tissue lumps, such as Dercum’s disease (a rare condition that causes multiple lipomas that may grow on the arms, legs, or trunk).

When should I see a dermatologist about a lipoma?

You should see the team at Orlando Dermatology Center if you have an unknown skin growth that you suspect is a lipoma. Though harmless, you should never ignore an unusual skin growth. An accurate diagnosis can ensure you get the right treatment.

The highly skilled dermatologists take a patient-centered approach to care. They review your concerns and medical history and examine your growth. They can diagnose lipomas during a physical exam but may take a sample of tissue to confirm a diagnosis.

What is the treatment for a lipoma?

You only need treatment for a lipoma if the growth is bothering you. If your lipoma is small and in an inconspicuous place, then the team may only monitor it. 

However, if your lipoma affects your appearance or causes any kind of discomfort, the skilled team at Orlando Dermatology Center can surgically remove the growth. During a lipoma excision, your dermatologist makes an incision in the skin and removes the growth.

Orlando Dermatology Center employs board-certified dermatologists who specialize in aesthetic treatments and take great care when removing your lipoma to minimize scarring.

Call Orlando Dermatology Center today or book an appointment online to discuss treatment options for your lipoma.