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Cysts are usually a minor annoyance, but if they affect your appearance, cause pain, or grow rapidly, you should have them evaluated at Orlando Dermatology Center. Their board-certified dermatologists quickly assess and identify the cyst and painlessly remove it, restoring your appearance and freeing you from worries about infections or complications. Don’t wait to call the office in Oviedo, Lake Mary, Casselberry, or Orlando, Florida, or request an appointment online if you have questions or need help with a cyst.

Cysts Q&A

What type of cyst might develop on my skin?

A cyst is an enclosed sac filled with fluid, pus, air, or other substances like fat, skin, or hair. The most common skin cysts treated by the caring team at Orlando Dermatology Center include:

Epidermoid cysts

Epidermoid cysts begin in your skin and most often occur on your face, neck, and chest.

Sebaceous cysts

Sebaceous cysts originate in the oil-secreting glands associated with hair follicles. They develop when the gland is damaged, blocked, or malformed.

Acne cysts

An acne cyst develops when bacteria in a clogged pore cause inflammation and swelling.

Pilar cysts

A pilar cyst grows from your hair follicles, typically appearing on your head, but sometimes affecting your face, neck, arms, and legs. They develop when old skin accumulates under the skin’s surface.

Dermoid cysts

Dermoid cysts are present at birth but grow so slowly they’re often not noticeable until a person gets older.

When should I have a cyst removed?

Most cysts aren’t dangerous and seldom cause pain (unless they get inflamed or infected). They’re usually benign (not cancerous), but if you have any concerns or if the cyst’s appearance changes, you should schedule an exam at Orlando Dermatology Center.

As long as your cyst is small and doesn’t bother you, you don’t need to have it removed. It’s time to consider treatment when the cyst:

  • Gets large enough to become a cosmetic problem
  • Causes irritation
  • Becomes painful
  • Develops an infection

Signs of an infection include red, inflamed skin that’s warm and tender to touch.

Is it easy to remove a cyst?

The expert team at Orlando Dermatology Center places a high priority on explaining what type of cyst you have and how it’s treated while ensuring your comfort during the procedure. Removing a cyst is a straightforward procedure because they’re visible at the surface and seldom go too deep.

For most cysts, your provider uses a local anesthetic, then cuts around the cyst, carefully removing the entire sac to prevent it from returning. 

Cystic acne is treated differently. They may need to open and drain an acne cyst. Otherwise, it’s treated with oral, topical, and sometimes injected medications to clear the infection and eliminate the cyst.

Call the skilled team at Orlando Dermatology Center or use online booking today to get expert treatment for cysts.