About Orlando Dermatology Center

Orlando Dermatology Center is well known for the team’s dedication to patient-centered care, personalized attention, and inclusive culture that makes everyone feel at home. Their exceptional team of board-certified dermatologists, physician assistants, certified nurse practitioners, and other compassionate staff welcome children, teens, and adults to their offices in Oviedo, Lake Mary, and Orlando, Florida.

The practice has a long history in Central Florida, serving as leaders that uphold the highest standards of courtesy and medical professionalism, making sure that each patient is treated with respect and understanding.

The team has a solid reputation for reliability and providing a quality of care that can only be achieved through their extensive knowledge and skill combined with the practice’s state-of-the-art facility equipped with today’s most advanced technology.

Whether patients need medical, cosmetic, or surgical dermatologic care, they can depend on getting the help they need with minimal wait times.

The comprehensive medical services available at Orlando Dermatology Center include every skin challenge imaginable, from common problems like cysts, eczema, psoriasis, and skin tags to challenges like hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) and skin cancer.

The team specializes in rejuvenating people’s skin and appearance with an array of cosmetic therapies. Many patients seek services like intensive skin care, anti-aging care, IPL laser rejuvenation, and laser tattoo removal.

In addition to advanced laser treatments, the team is renowned for its expertise in superficial radiation therapy (SRT), a cutting-edge therapy for treating skin cancer and removing keloid scars. They also specialize in Mohs surgery, removing skin cancer while preserving healthy tissues.

The Orlando Dermatology Center team is devoted to building connections and meeting the dermatologic needs of each patient. Beyond customized medical and aesthetic treatments, they empower patients with information, provide follow-up care, and coordinate with other medical professionals to provide complete, interdisciplinary care.

To learn more about the services available at Orlando Dermatology Center or schedule a consultation, call the nearest office or book online today.

Award Winning Orlando Dermatology Clinic

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With a comprehensive and goal-driven approach, we at Orlando Dermatology Center are devoted to offering the residents of Central Florida the greatest quality skin care. Through specialized, individualized dermatological care, we want to improve well-being and inspire confidence. 

Dr. Vitaly Blatnoy leads our team of highly qualified experts in this endeavor. One skin at a time, our goal is to improve lives. We strive to provide access to first-rate skin care to assure healthiness of the skin - a crucial component of overall wellness. We work hard to educate our patients so they can take a pro-active approach to their skin health. We are committed to understanding and treating a wide variety of dermatological disorders. In our effort to provide quality, we embrace innovation, constantly keeping up with dermatology advancements to offer the most recent therapies to our patients. We have empathy, compassion, and a steadfast dedication to meeting the needs of our patients, their families, and the larger community because of our faith-based culture. At the Orlando Dermatology Center, we are honored to support and guide each patient on their path to healthy skin because we firmly believe that it has the ability to impact lives.



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M, T, W, Th - 8 am-5 pm, Fri - 8 am-2 pm

No wait, good exam, polite and curteous.

DAVID L. | Sep 21, 2023

Dr. Nyc and I have mutual respect for each others time. He is knowledgeable explains procedure and diagnosis in a concise, understandable way. The office staff are polite and sensitive to patients needs.

JAMES H. | Sep 21, 2023

Short wait, professional people.

WAYNE H. | Sep 20, 2023

she explained everything to me and gave me more suggestions on things i could do to clear up my skin. Very helpful

SUSAN W. | Sep 20, 2023

They always try to fit you in as soon as possible and explain the medication and are very friendly

MARY C. | Sep 20, 2023

Friendly office staff. Appointment was on time. Lobby area neat and clean. Kala PA and medical staff are always nice and does an excellent job.

RONALD C. | Sep 20, 2023

Everyone is very pleasant. Doctor Blotnoy is wonderful, takes his time and explains everything.

SANDRA S. | Sep 19, 2023

The place is clean On time, no waiting All staff are friendly and professional

OSSAMA K. | Sep 14, 2023


SPENCER B. | Sep 13, 2023

Great care! Listened to my concerns.

DONNA D. | Sep 09, 2023

Great people great experience and very good at all they do!!!!!

Stuart G. | Sep 07, 2023

It was great. Felt very comfortable being there. Very friendly office staff.

CATHERINE E Q. | Sep 07, 2023

Dr and assistants were very friendly and the dr explained everything that was going to be done.

RANDY F. | Sep 07, 2023

The doctor was very nice very good doctor

MARIA A. | Sep 06, 2023

It was excellent

DENNIS D. | Sep 06, 2023

Fast, efficient. And friendly.

JONATHAN EDWARD B. | Sep 02, 2023

Doctor has been extremely helpful and addressed all my concerns and questions as well as provided detailed explanations. Thank you

Gustavo S. | Aug 31, 2023

Very caring and highly professional

JAMES M. | Aug 30, 2023

Friendly staff . Dr Nyckowski explained everything he was looking for during his examination and explained what we could do regarding for areas of concern.

THERESA A T. | Aug 30, 2023

I have full confidence in my doctor.

LAWRENCE M G. | Aug 26, 2023

Excellent Dr Good nurses ,and front desk attendees is good

JUSSARA A. | Aug 26, 2023

Professional and courteous staff

BRIAN W. | Aug 25, 2023

Very nice man...makes u feel comfortable right away

JAMES V. | Aug 23, 2023

Dr. Blatnoy is the most professional dermatologist in central Florida. I drive an hour just to see him. Great staff too.

MARK K. | Aug 23, 2023

Quick and Mrs Elena was thorough and friendly

ALICE M. | Aug 21, 2023

The office is very efficient and always is on schedule check in and check out are quick. We really appreciate Elena Schumsky’s thoroughness and the way that she explains everything in a clear and detailed way.

RONALD H. | Aug 20, 2023

Dr was very patient and willing to answer all my questions. Also, Mrs. Hulce did not keep me waiting a long time. Very positive experience.

Jose T. | Aug 17, 2023

The PA Amanda made me feel heard and really reassured me. Would highly recommend

JENNIFER V. | Aug 16, 2023

Very caring and professional

MICHAEL D. | Aug 16, 2023

The staff was extremely pleasant; I did not have to wait long to be taken to the exam room; I did not have to wait long to be seen by the doctor; Dr. Blatnoy was very kind and patient, listened to all my concerns, and answered all my questions.

CHRISITNE C. | Aug 16, 2023

Very prompt and professional

DION M. | Aug 15, 2023


SCOTT G M. | Aug 15, 2023

A nice experience.

Liza A M. | Aug 12, 2023

Pleased with my new dermatologist after moving from Vero Beach to Oviedo.

Rita M. | Aug 12, 2023

Little wait time...friendly staff...helpful doctor!

WYATT H. | Aug 09, 2023

Doctor Nyckowski was very pleasant and took the time to listen and answer questions.... The office staff was efficient and courteous.

Patricia ANN L. | Aug 08, 2023

Was quickly

Carmen R. | Aug 04, 2023

The doctor Was great good experience

LESLIE D. | Jul 30, 2023

Dr. Nyckowski and his office staff are very professional and right on point with my dermatologist needs.

MICHAEL W D. | Jul 29, 2023

Right to the point!

RONALD D. | Jul 26, 2023

Very happy with the very timely professionalism! 2nd new dermatology issue. Was happy with first results thus the return visit.

SHARON KAY S. | Jul 26, 2023

We really like Stella.

ELIZABETH W. | Jul 26, 2023


NANCY H. | Jul 25, 2023


PAUL V. | Jul 25, 2023

Great experience!!

JOANNE L A. | Jul 24, 2023

Very good customer service and doctors help in my treatment and surgery.

Iris B. | Jul 22, 2023

Great dermatologist super people skills use better bandages

RICHARD T H. | Jul 19, 2023


JAMES N. | Jul 19, 2023

Very knowledgeable staff and punctual with my appointment time

MARC L. | Jul 18, 2023

She is a very nice dr who cares about her patients feelings. Very through exam and treatment. I recommend her to my friends.

SUSAN S. | Jul 18, 2023

Dr Tim was great! Knowledgeable, caring, friendly… I would recommend him to anyone I know!

SERGEI S. | Jul 14, 2023

Very professional very clean everything and very formal and competitive staff

GERARDO V. | Jul 13, 2023

Wonderful office experience. Everyone was super nice and welcoming, office clean and comfortable. Dr Blatnoy is great! Took care of everything on my first patient visit (past dermatology offices made me come back for different treatments) and I felt I was in great hands. This is my new dermatologist for life!

TERESA W. | Jul 13, 2023

Everybody in the office were very nice. I will recommend if somebody need a dermatologist to go to Dr. Blotnoy.

ALICIA G. | Jul 13, 2023

Dr. Nyckowski provided a body scan and he was very thorough. He answered all my questions, explaining in detail my opinions. He informed me about the costs for each option so that I could make an informed decision as I'm on a fixed income. I highly recommend him for services.

Lennis L. | Jul 12, 2023

Efficient, time for questions and clear answers from the Dr.

DAVID S. | Jul 11, 2023

Always a pleasure to be treated with kindness and respect and in a timely and professional manner.

James B. | Jul 11, 2023

Dr Nyckowski was on time and very thorough. He took the time to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction. I definitely recommend Dr Nyckowski

DANIEL F. | Jul 11, 2023

Great experience

TRISTINA S. | Jul 11, 2023

Thank you; excellent service!!

MARIO D. | Jul 06, 2023

Amanda was amazing and the surgeons there are outstanding.

DARYLL P. | Jul 06, 2023

Very kind and makes patients feel comfortable

FABIOLA T. | Jul 06, 2023

I have already referred other people to Dr Blatnoy.

KRISTIN M. | Jul 05, 2023

Kind and thorough

DANELLE W. | Jul 05, 2023

Dr.Blatnoy is very informative and helpful

DENNIS C. | Jul 05, 2023

Thumbs up!

TIFFANY S. | Jul 05, 2023

Very pleasant and informative.

DANIEL C. | Jul 05, 2023

This practice provides professional and timely care

KARL M. | Jul 04, 2023

She’s just fantastic. Have already shared with family members and co-workers.

CLAUDIA M. | Jul 03, 2023

Very good service

EVELYN M. | Jul 01, 2023

Always very efficient and professional

JAKE W. | Jun 30, 2023


OLIVER H. | Jun 29, 2023

I’m sending copy of medical insurance card so you can file that. Also, I did not give you the ov co-pay of $30. Can I just pay that thru your patient portal? Jon Batman

JON B. | Jun 28, 2023

I was very impressed with the prompt, professional and courteous service.

F R K. | Jun 27, 2023

Your waiting room is too generic. Reminded me of the office in Joe vs the Volcano, boring and not very friendly. The person who attended to me was very professional, but may need to loosen up a bit. Overall a very good experience.

RICHARD R. | Jun 23, 2023

Always superb team

PAUL M. | Jun 22, 2023

Dr. Nyckowski is a fantastic doctor! You can tell that he truly cares about his patients.

GARY J. | Jun 22, 2023

Kala was great and very attentive. I would recommend Orlando Dermatology to anyone.

MARINA M. | Jun 22, 2023

As always wonderful experience. I was not aware that you moved but made my appointment time. Thank you for wonderful service.

JUDITH S. | Jun 21, 2023

Dr Nychowski & his staff were great! Caring, friendly & very professional! I highly recommend this office. Dr N completely changed my mind & nerves about getting dermatology treatment. Ty

JUNE S. | Jun 21, 2023

I was very satisfied with Mrs Etella Terenteva services and the environment .

ENRIQUETA V. | Jun 20, 2023

Timely and thorough. Thank you.

MARCUS W. | Jun 20, 2023

5 star

PATRICIA W. | Jun 19, 2023

Dr Nyckowski is young and new but seems like he has been treating for years

HAL W. | Jun 16, 2023

Took the time to explain the problem and the treatment.

AUSTIN V. | Jun 16, 2023

Very pleasant and knowledgeable

ROBERT H. | Jun 16, 2023

Happy with the follow up up do.

LINDA D. | Jun 15, 2023

Very clean office and professional and quality care and staff

JOHN P. | Jun 15, 2023


MYRNA B. | Jun 15, 2023

Doctor was very nice and pleasant

Francisca N. | Jun 14, 2023

Very pleasant experience and I was thrilled that the doctor was able to take me in on such short notice

Francisca N. | Jun 14, 2023

Given an appointment on very short notice took me in very timely and leer with treatment. Have follow up appointment in two weeks if needed. Very professional as always.

PAUL E. | Jun 14, 2023

Stella and the nurse made my visit easy and comfortable.

JANET LYNN K. | Jun 14, 2023

Mrs.Hulce, take her time to explain very well what’s going on with her patient. She’s really wonderful, kind & professional. We’re very please with her & the entire staff. Everything from getting an appointment, reminding you, being seen & following up has been excellent. Thank you so much!!!

JADEN G. | Jun 14, 2023

I love that Mrs. Kala listens so attentively when I express my acne/hyperpigmentation concerns. She answers all questions that I have. Love that!

TAMARA M. | Jun 14, 2023

Very thorough

ROBERT R. | Jun 14, 2023

Stella is very attentive. She wants the best results for you.

DARLENE K. | Jun 14, 2023

Thorough review of symptoms with effective treatment and great professionalism and concern. Very happy to recommend to others.

PAULINE L R. | Jun 14, 2023

Quick and professional

JOANNE M. | Jun 14, 2023

Staff was very efficient and punctual answered all my questions

CHRISTINE K M. | Jun 13, 2023

They’re very professional

GERARDO V. | Jun 13, 2023

I was seen to very quickly She is a very well organized person. Had a full brief, we chatted she listen, made recommendations I like her confidence

ANDREW D O. | Jun 13, 2023


Elitio V. | Jun 13, 2023

Appointment was on time with no wait. Doctor and office staff are professional and provide a positive experience. I would recommend this Doctor and office to others.

GRACE K. | Jun 13, 2023

Polite and quick service. Answered all questions

SARAH F. | Jun 12, 2023

Muy bien

ANGEL V. | Jun 12, 2023

Great experience

EVELYN H. | Jun 12, 2023

Great experience, the doctor answered all the questions

MARIA Z. | Jun 12, 2023

Amazing service

VITALY B. | Jun 12, 2023

Good visit!the PA was helpful,

ANA C. | Jun 12, 2023

Everyone is always professional and knowledgeable. Very clean, schedule is always welcoming when appointments are needed.

JOHNATHAN G. | Jun 12, 2023

Looks like this time Dr. Blatnoy was on a hurry.

GLADYS S. | Jun 11, 2023


PEDRO A. | Jun 10, 2023


BRANDON A. | Jun 10, 2023

This the second time I have seen Kseniya and her assistant. Kseniya saw me almost immediately when I called for an appointment due to sore in my back. I was very grateful. She was knowledgeable and kind. She and her assistant explained the procedure thoroughly and checked with me to see if I had help to take care of my back because I can’t reach it.

ANN E M. | Jun 10, 2023

Excellent experience they care about there patients

RICHARD T H. | Jun 10, 2023

Dr Blatnoy is personable, knowledgeable and professional. What rise would you want in a doctor?

PAUL G. | Jun 10, 2023

Excelent service and rapid

Lisandro C. | Jun 10, 2023

Dr. Vlatnoy and his staff are awesome. He is personable, professional, compassionate, and very skilled!

KEVIN B. | Jun 09, 2023

Great pleasant staff and promptness by both doctor and assistants is the best ever.,

PATRICIA B. | Jun 09, 2023

Very courteous and professional. Helpful with lower leg dermatitis issue. Looks like a new facility. I was relieved to know that currently no melanoma was present.

WILLIAM C. | Jun 09, 2023


Helen K. | Jun 09, 2023

Everyone was so nice and the male assistant was especially accommodating! I would go back there in a heartbeat if I needed anything they provide! I hadn’t been treated as nicely as therein a very long time. I had a very good experience!

Carol R. | Jun 08, 2023

Very happy with the care I’ve received. Have no complaints!

Kathleen F. | Jun 08, 2023

Love the doctor and nurses! The issue I have is that I was told my insurance was not accepted. No matter what I try to say it was not being heard. No call to the insurance to verify or anything except you will be self pay! Or the alternate solution was to pay a no show $25. After the appt I was happy that I did not have to pay for my follow up visit. I have to schedule another appt and would like to schedule my daughter but still can’t get my insurance verified.

CHRISTINE H. | Jun 08, 2023

Professional and knowledgeable

Gloria P. | Jun 08, 2023

Very nice I love to go there

NORMA C. | Jun 08, 2023