Help! My Lipoma Is Growing

Dec 14, 2023
Help! My Lipoma Is Growing
Most lipomas are harmless, but a growing one can affect the way your clothing fits and or cause some discomfort depending on its placement. If you don’t like the way your growing lipoma looks, consider professional dermatological treatment.

 It’s always jarring to discover a lump somewhere on your body, but not all lumps are harmful or cancerous. The majority of lipomas, for example, are noncancerous and harmless. A lipoma feels soft, squishy, and movable, and can show up nearly anywhere on your body.

Our team of skilled dermatologists at Orlando Dermatology Center can recognize lipomas, evaluate them, and treat them if they bother you. If your lipoma isn’t large enough to bother you, they can monitor it as it grows. Our offices in Oviedo, Orlando, and Lake Mary, Florida, are equipped with the necessary technology to view your lipoma in detail and distinguish it from a cyst. Your dermatologist may also take a biopsy sample of the growth to confirm it isn’t cancerous. 

Are you worried about a growing lipoma? It may not need treatment unless it bothers you. Read on to learn about what a growing lipoma means and what we can do to treat it. 

Why lipomas appear

Researchers aren’t sure why some people get lipomas and others don’t. Around 1% of the population gets a lipoma in their lifetime, and your genetics may have some influence over whether or not you’re one of them. There are also a few conditions that can lead to multiple lipomas, including:

  • Dercum’s disease
  • Gardner syndrome
  • Madelung’s disease
  • Hereditary multiple lipomatosis

Some of these conditions can cause painful lipomas. If your lipoma causes any discomfort, or if it’s too conspicuous for your liking, our team can remove it for you. 

Removing your lipoma

A small lipoma may be barely noticeable, but a growing lipoma can be bothersome. If it becomes large enough, a lipoma might affect the way your clothes fit or how they look on your body. 

The good news is a professional dermatologist can remove a lipoma in its entirety to ensure it doesn’t grow back in the same place. They recommend treatment based on the lipoma’s size, whether or not it’s painful, and other distinctive features. 

Typically, our team at Orlando Dermatology Center uses excision to surgically remove lipomas. Excision involves cutting into your skin with a scalpel and removing the growth after numbing the region with local anesthesia. 

Because our team also specializes in cosmetic dermatology, we carefully stitch the incision closed and take extra care to minimize scarring. 

Your outlook and results

Once a lipoma is excised, it’s unlikely to grow back. Our team lets you know if you need to come back to have your stitches removed or if the stitches are dissolvable. In any case, you can manage any post-excision discomfort or swelling with over-the-counter medications and ice. 

In the rare case that a lipoma grows back, simply visit Orlando Dermatology Center again for a possible second surgery. 

If your growing lipoma causes concern or discomfort, it’s time for a visit to your dermatologist. Call your nearest Orlando Dermatology Center to set up an appointment or book online today.